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Living A Conscious Life

How to Find Peace, Wholeness and Freedom in a Chaotic World

When you read Living A Conscious Life you will learn:

  • Techniques to quiet your inner critic.

  • How to free yourself from limiting beliefs.

  • Skills to be a more interesting conversationalist and engaged listener.

  • 7 habits to turn up your vibrancy.

  • How to create an enjoyable, consistent meditation practice.

  • And much more.

Johnson, a former monk, turned leadership consultant and coach illustrates the importance of paying attention to our mindset, attitudes and beliefs and how they shape our behavior which ultimately influences the quality of our lives.

Through storytelling and anecdotes, Johnson shares his own failures and lessons learned, encouraging the reader to embrace their own gifts and flaws. He urges the reader to consider the importance of their emotional, spiritual, and mental health in order to live a vibrant, healthy life while providing practical tools, exercise, and techniques.

There is an abundance of advice here for people of all ages and walks of life. You may be experiencing a major life change, divorce, mid-life crisis, or feeling spiritually untethered or maybe just feeling like there must be something more. These are all opportunities to be more of who you are meant to be. Living a Conscious Life will help frame out practical tips and solutions that you can use right now.

What Readers Are Saying

Living a Conscious Life is a masterful blend of authentic and engaging personal stories, development frameworks, highly relevant quotes, and lots of practical applications. It’s well written with short snappy sentences and digestible chapters.

Jim Clemmer

International leadership author, speaker, coach, and facilitator

Living a Conscious Life is one of the best personal development works I have read. What a great combination of story and best practices.

Andi Lothian

Founder of Insights Learning & Development

Living a Conscious Life is a wonderful, practical companion to a path of personal growth, which when followed will lead to better choices, better outcomes and greater well-being for self and those around us.

Carolyn Taylor,

Author, Walking the Talk: Building a Culture for Success

Don is a natural and talented storyteller. In this book he generously shares his life story and wisdom, sometimes hard gained, with the reader. Each chapter gifts practical tips and suggestions to becoming more conscious.

Jonny Miller

Human Engineer, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Living a Conscious Life is an honest story of one man, his struggles and his triumphs. In the past they were called the elders of the community, their job was to pass their lifetime wisdom through storytelling. The kind of knowledge that doesn’t teach but makes one think and choose their own path. Don’s book offers exactly that.

Oxana Mikhaleva, LLM


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