"When you live from your heart
no one forgets."

Living A Conscious Life

A Thinking Person's Guide to Wholeness, Peace, and Freedom

With wild tales and lessons ranging from failed vasectomies to how men should embrace their feminine energy—and the importance of connecting with our inner selves, Don Johnson, a former renegade of the 1960s counterculture movement, has mastered how to recognize—and share—his life lessons in every challenging circumstance, sometimes with humor and often with deep reverence for the possibilities to be more conscious.

In Living A Conscious Life: A Thinking Person’s Guide to Wholeness, Peace, and Freedom, Johnson draws imaginative similarities between the qualities of black holes to times when we’re caught in our own despair. He utilizes the philosophy of Japanese martial arts to encourage the reader be a master communicator and attentive listener. This student-practitioner of Jungian psychology provides insight into how to approach and dissolve confrontation and negative thought patterns.

Johnson, a former monk-turned-executive coach, who has over three decades of experience in the corporate world, reminds us that, whether we are professionals in search of career advancement, or we are “mere” individuals looking for personal guidance, the answers to fulfillment and contentment always lie with your values—knowing them and living them.

He draws attention to the importance of paying attention to our mindset, attitudes, and beliefs, and understanding how they create our behavior, and ultimately the quality of our life. Johnson uses storytelling to expose his own failures and lessons learned, encouraging the reader to embrace their own gifts and flaws.

He urges the reader to consider the importance of their emotional, spiritual, and mental health in order to live a vibrant, healthy life while providing practical tools, exercise, and techniques.

There is an abundance of advice here for people of all ages and walks of life. Whether you’re experiencing a mid-life crisis, going through a divorce, or feeling spiritually lost, you’ll soon learn how each of these is an opportunity to be more of who you’re meant to be.

Combined with perspective from his own spiritual journey, the stories within these pages are easy-to-digest techniques for making life a little more well-lived.

What Readers Are Saying

Living A Conscious Life is a masterful blend of authentic and engaging personal stories, development frameworks, highly relevant quotes, and lots of practical applications. It’s well written with short, snappy sentences and digestible chapters.”

Jim Clemmer

International Leadership Author, Speaker, Coach, and Facilitator

“Living A Conscious Life is one of the best personal development works I have read. What a great combination of story and best practices.”

Andi Lothian

Founder of Insights Learning & Development

“Living A Conscious Life is a wonderful, practical companion to a path of personal growth, which when followed will lead to better choices, better outcomes, and greater well-being for self and those around us.”

Carolyn Taylor

Author of Walking the Talk: Building a Culture for Success

 “If I had to describe Living A Conscious Life as a math equation it would be: Incredibly gifted writer + super important subject area = home run book that must be read.  With the world where it is today, nothing is more critical than becoming more conscious.  Don Johnson's beautifully written book will help people do just that.”

David Gerken

Former Writer for The West Wing. Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher

“How often do we find ourselves living our life on autopilot? It doesn’t have to be this way. In this entertaining book, Don Johnson provides an easy-to-follow framework for living a more intentional life. By consciously unpacking mindsets, attitudes, and beliefs, Don gives you the tools to take control of your holistic destiny. This inspiring, yet imminently practical narrative, is a timeless read for all ages and professions.”

Lisa Earle McLeod

Bestselling Author, Selling with Noble Purpose, and Speaker

“Don is a natural and talented storyteller. In this book, he generously shares his life story and wisdom, sometimes hard-gained, with the reader. Each chapter gifts practical tips and suggestions to becoming more conscious.”

Jonny Miller

Human Engineer, Speaker, Entrepreneur

“Living A Conscious Life is an honest story of one man, his struggles, and his triumphs. In the past, they were called the elders of the community, and their job was to pass their lifetime wisdom through storytelling. The kind of knowledge that doesn’t teach but makes one think and choose their own path. Don’s book offers exactly that.”

Oxana Mikhaleva

LLM, Entrepreneur

“Don’s book is a must-read for anyone interested in self-discovery and exploring the path to peace, health, and happiness. Through his own journey of life experiences as monk, husband, father and corporate sales leader, Don encourages the reader to nurture their inner self, stay true to themselves and live life with honestly, respectfully and with gratitude.”

Joe Trueblood

CEO, Amplify Growth

“When I read Living A Conscious Life, I heard a writer balancing practical wisdom from life experiences, warmth from his heart, guts from facing his own darkness, and balls to tell the truth about his own journey. You’re not going to get trendy ideas or philosophy from Johnson’s book.  You’re going to get inspiration, ideas, and tools to help you go inward, onward, and upward.”

Scott Cronin

Executive Coach

“What makes this book unique is that Don is not trying to give you a recipe for happiness, as many motivational books attempt to do. Instead, Don gives you his humble opinion of what worked to him to find his path to self-motivation and happiness.”

Luis Herrera

Geo Blue Scott Cronin, Leadership Coach

“Drawing on his own breadth and depth of life experiences and reflections, Don has provided an invaluable guide to conscious living. Each chapter, or essay, is short enough to be read in just a few minutes but packed with insights that you will reflect on and apply for days. Don’s transparency and authenticity encompass emotional, spiritual, and very tangible challenges that we all encounter in our desire to live conscious lives. I can immediately think of three people I can’t wait to gift this book to!”

Tanya Boyd

Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Seattle Pacific University

Don Johnson is the kind of writer who makes it look easy. He shares so openly, generously, and vulnerably in Living A Conscious Life that you can't help but be drawn in. Anyone interested in living a more heart-centered and peace-filled life would do themselves a great service by reading this book."

Eric Teplitz

Host of "The Person You Want to Be" podcast

Living A Conscious Life is the story of one man’s search and struggle for insight into consciousness. Don’s personal revelations are insightful and significant. A worthwhile and inspirational read.

Gene Borish

Founder, Mermaid Lane Books

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