Be More Conscious

An Invitation to Greater Self-Awareness

The word conscious means to be awake—aware of one’s inner and outer worlds.

Being more conscious means paying attention to what we think and how we behave.  

It’s about being present and self-aware—a lifelong journey with no destination, no endpoint. When we embark on it, we learn our inner landscape creates our outer world. 

We realize our mindset, attitudes, and beliefs shape our lives. And we learn that sustainable personal growth occurs when we know and accept who we are.  

Be More Conscious is an expression of my life’s journey.

“Love has come to rule and transform;
Stay awake, my heart, stay awake.”

~ Rumi

Living A Conscious Life

The Thinking Person's Guide to Wholeness, Peace, and Freedom

With wild tales and lessons ranging from failed vasectomies to how men should embrace their feminine energy—and the importance of connecting with our inner selves, Don Johnson, a former renegade of the 1960s counterculture movement, has mastered how to recognize—and share—his life lessons in every challenging circumstance, sometimes with humor and often with deep reverence for the possibilities to be more conscious.

Former Monk, Executive Coach, and Writer

Meet Don Johnson

Former Monk, Executive Coach, and Writer

A little bit about me:

I’ve had my share of ups and downs, and certainly no saint, but I keep trying to be my best. 

Now that I’m in the final third of my life, I appreciate even more things like:

  • The importance of forgiveness of self and others.
  • The need for kindness in the world.
  • Asking myself what I don’t know before jumping to a conclusion.
  • Being grateful for being alive and healthy. 
  • Having a spiritual practice that brings me great peace and happiness. 


What Medium Readers Are Saying

A masterpiece of reality! Solemn, serious, and most importantly, 100% authentic.


Had to read this article again, loved it so much. Today I am playing, "Wake up, wake up, think about how creativity can seek and acknowledge the beauty in those around you."


Another fantastic article by Don Johnson, one of the best writers on Medium. Here's an article idea for you, Don: The process you use to write your articles. I'd read that in a second because I want to know how the heck you pull these off every time!  Joseph

Campbell's hero's journey? It's exactly the same as the three act structure for movies. Most screenwriters study Campbell's work. Cool stuff.


This was an amazing article, Don. There’s so much knowledge and wisdom in your articles, thanks for sharing that with us


Powerful and inspiring! I got goosebumps when you mentioned the knees’ symbolism in moving forward. I just had my first reflexology treatment and am quickly realizing how everything is connected and how mental stress can materialize into physical pain. So glad this story had a happy ending. Thanks for sharing.


So well written, thanks so much Don. An inspiration to everybody that faces difficult times. In my experience, visualization is one of the most important tool that we have to rewire our brain for happiness. The best is: It's backed by science now!


Beautiful article about the power of changing your beliefs. Thanks for sharing your story, Don. 


This is a beautiful story and I loved reading it. I have recently started to confront my beliefs, too. It's difficult, but ultimately I believe it will be worth it.

Thank you for writing this. It reminded me to keep going, and that's what I needed.


I love this article – deepest gratitude for giving me something to ponder in the weeks and months to come.


This is one of the best articles I’ve ever read on Medium. Thanks for sharing the wisdom you’ve gained from 49 years of experience. Please keep writing!


Magnificent piece. Bravo. "Inner Decency" my takeaway concept. Thank you.


This article is full of valuable perspectives and points - I would highlight it all, but that may defeat the purpose of highlighting, instead I simply wish to express my gratitude for this offering you have given.

Dr. Alex

Excellent piece. Real. Inspiring. And beautifully composed.


I literally let down my tears while reading this.

I was reading this in my office and my mate noticed my teary eyes. He came to me, worried, and asked, "Are you okay?"

I told him I'm fine while pushing my tears back


Don this is such a beautiful piece of writing. A beautiful, vulnerable piece of writing.

Thanks so much!


Well said , love this article indeed. Keep up the great post .


This piece resonated with me line by line Don. The two of us are flying in the same flock. 


Don, I am so glad that I found your writing, and can learn from your journey, and from those whom you encounter on your journey. I send you joy, peace, and - believe it or not - a beautiful snowstorm, here in New England in the middle of April. Best to you


What a fantastic piece! Thank you for sharing these timeless reminders.


The article contains so much wisdom. For instance, living above the line is so impactful, and it's a concept that will stay with me. Great writing!


This article is so full of wisdom.


Compassionate wisdom, conveyed with great clarity! Thank you, Don.


Such elegant words of wisdom, Don. Your calming, true words make me feel safe to open up and evolve. Thank you for sharing this wisdom with us. I will treasure this article and re-read it many more times.


Don this is a phenomenal article, thank you.

Dr. Liz

This is an amazingly eloquent expression of the beautiful mystery that lies within all of us. Really resonated with me. Great writing. Great piece.


Wow Don - you have written this with palpable zest! Electric, succinct, direct writing. Thanks so much, a pleasure to read.


Wow. What a read. Every word is music and resonates so deeply. Thank you with my heart. Our future human evolution, if we are to have one, is remembering to honor the seed kernel in each of us and knowing we’re all part of same “club”.


Poignant, pensive. This brings memories that are both painful and passionate. Beautiful writing , thank you.


Wow this story unbelievable, its feels like read fiction but this one is real, thank for sharing your beautiful memories.


This was terrific! Thank you! For some reason it brought tears to my eyes think about the serendipitous events we encounter and all of the important people we meet on the way. Thank you!


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